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The network for tracking, monitoring, and protecting your church's benevolence.

HopeGrid keeps track of your benevolence and alerts you of potential issues in your area.

Vista Community Church
Redeemer Baptist Church
Central Church
First Baptist Church of Olive Branch

Start protecting your church today

Track Assists Digitally

Keep a digital record of your benevolence. From names to the dollar amount given, we have you covered.

Look Up Recipients

View the history of those seeking help from your church and see their assist history from previous churches.

Be On Alert

View alerts (and alert others) when people in your area take advantage of benevolence.

Search the database

When a recipient is seeking assistance from your church, quickly search their name in our database. If a match is found, you can: view their assist history, see any alerts from other churches, and add an assist of your own.

See previous assists

When a recipient is in our system, you can easily see their past benevolence from other churches.

Alert others

Help other churches in your area (including your own) with alerts. Create alerts when you feel someone you're working with is abusing the system.

Add your assists

Quickly add your assists into HopeGrid to keep a running record of your church's benevolence. This not only helps you track your church benevolence, but also helps other churches know how you've helped recipients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule a demo?

We'd love to show you HopeGrid! Email us to schedule a personal demonstration.

If I’m the first to use HopeGrid in my area will there be any alerts?

Yes! As soon as we have a new city, our HopeGrid team gets to work contacting your area churches building our local alerts for you!

How far does HopeGrid reach?

HopeGrid is a nationwide app with a 30 mile radius search feature enabled by default.

Could a non profit or food pantry use HopeGrid to keep up with clients?

💯 Absolutely!

How do I learn to use HopeGrid most effectively?

When you join HopeGrid, you receive a welcome email with tons of helpful tips.

"HopeGrid is an answer to prayer for our church. We've wanted to partner with other churches and help the needy in our community more effectively. Nothing has done what we were looking for until HopeGrid came along. The site makes it easy to keep up with our benevolence ministry across the whole church staff. We look forward to continuing to use it well into the future!"

- First Baptist Church Olive Branch

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